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Land Surveyor Vacancies

Land surveyors are required for work all around the world and play an important part in the smooth-running of modern society. In today's guide we shall look in more detail at land surveyor vacancies.

About Land Surveyor Vacancies

Despite being such an important career path, there are plenty of land surveyor vacancies in the USA and experienced land surveyors are always in demand by a range of industries. It is actually predicted by the US Bureau of Statistics that the number of land surveyor vacancies will increase by up to 20 percent by 2012.

land surveyor vacanciesAdditionally, the number of land survey technician vacancies is expected to increase by up to 35 percent in the same time frame.

In essence, land surveyor vacancies are plentiful and there are fantastic opportunities to be had now and in the future.

Types of Land Surveyor Vacancies

A career in land surveying is incredibly diverse and there is not just one career path you can take once you are qualified as a land surveyor. While there are indeed general land surveyors, take a look at some of the other career paths you may choose to take.

While it is assumed that all land surveyor vacancies involve working outdoors - this is not always the case. In some companies there are both field surveyors and office surveyors. The field surveyor collects all of the data out in the field and then passes it onto the office surveyor who interprets this data and creates the land survey.

Even more specifically you can find land surveyor vacancies such as: construction surveyors (working specifically with construction companies), boundary surveyors (measures and plots boundary lines of property), hydrographic surveyors (the mapping of land under water) and forensic surveyors (often serve as expert witnesses in court).

Other land surveyor vacancies include: geodesist (determining the size and shape of the Earth's surface), photogrammetrist (creating surveys using photos instead of by foot) and GIS analysts (working with geographic information systems).

As you can see there are a wide range of options for land surveyor vacancies and plenty of different areas in which to specialize.

Popular Industries for Land Surveyors

Land surveyor vacancies are very diverse, as we have looked at before. Not only are the actual jobs varied, but the industries that offer the land surveyor vacancies are very diverse too.

A large number of land surveyor vacancies are within government agencies, however other industries that require land surveyors and related professionals include: real estate, construction, engineering, mining, legal firms and more.

All the different industries require land surveyors for different purposes and offer an exciting range of land surveyor vacancies.

Land Surveyor Salaries

One of the most important things to consider when looking at land surveyor vacancies is the salary. Because land surveying has so many different aspects to it the salaries of specific land surveying vacancies obviously varies.

However, the average salary for surveying professionals is around $63,000 per year, which equates to around $30 per hour. However, thjs is just an average and in reality the salary of your chosen land surveyor vacancy could be much different. For example, if you manage a land surveying firm you could be making double that amount.

Generally the more experience you have in land surveying the higher the salaries. Entry level salaries for land surveying vacancies start at approximately $44,000 per year for those with a four-year college degree.

If you are looking for a land surveying technician vacancy then you can expect a starting salary of $25,000 per year after completing a two year college degree.

Where to Find Land Surveyor Vacancies

There are several ways for you to find land surveyor vacancies. The first way is to research what companies in your area employ land surveyors and make a list. You should then contact any that interest you with your resume and a cover letter. They may not have any land surveyor vacancies at the time, but it is always good to show initiative and you never know what might turn up. This is a very good method for land surveyors who have recently graduated.

The next best place to find land surveyor vacancies is on the internet. A huge number of Americans find their next job on the internet. There are dozens of job websites that list land surveyor vacancies across the USA, as well as specialist websites specifically for land surveyors.

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