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Land Surveyor Seminars

Seminars and workshops for land surveyors are abundant and varied. Most are designed to provide continuing education units (CEUs) for seasoned professionals. Many offer licensure and certificate review courses for novice land surveyors. Because each state licensure board for land surveyors requires different amounts and types of continuing education, professional land surveyors need to plan ahead in order to meet their requirements.

Generally these educational courses offer an opportunity to gain CEUs in a concentrated period over a day or weekend. Many are done via classroom, while others may be presented as webinars or online self-study. Topics can include mathematics, using GPS for surveying purposes, historical land survey practices, ethics and policy, practical case studies, environmental impact, and all subjects in between.Cost can vary, and generally includes all materials. Some seminars also include meals and snacks. Transportation and lodging are rarely included.

Land Surveyor Seminars

Contact your state and national land surveyor association or society to see what seminars and workshops are available both locally and nationally. When registering for out of state courses, make sure that CEUs, Professional Development Units (PDUs), Professional Development Hours (PDHs), and Continuing Professional Credits (CPCs) are accepted by your home credentialing board.

Monitor changes in your states continuing education requirements since they change as often as the current professional standards and practices do. Take advantage of your professional memberships for discounts on your professional development!

Seminars For Professional Land Surveyors

Following is a sampler of upcoming workshops and seminars for land surveyors:

Northeast Region:

Introduction to Mapping and GIS for Land Surveyors Using ArcView
December 16, 2009, Wednesday, 8:30am-4:30pm (1 session)
.7 CEUs, $119
Hosted by: Delaware Technical College, Georgetown, DE
(contact 302-855-1617 for full details)

All the “Write” Stuff- A Seminar on Communications for the Surveyor and Engineer
October 17, 2009, Saturday, 8am-noon (1 session)
4 A-Level CPCs
Note: this is one of many seminars and workshops offered during the MSS 2009 Fall Conference
and Exhibition. A total of 16 CPCs are available during the weekend conference.
Hosted by: Maryland Society of Surveyors, Ocean City, MD
(contact 800-303-6770 for full details)

Southeast Region:

Virginia Land Law for Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors
September 17, 2009, Thursday, 8:30am-4:15pm (1 session)
6.0 CEUs for Virginia Engineers and Land Surveyors, $259 members
Fairfax, VA
Hosted by Halfmoon LLC (contact 715-835-5900 for full details)

Midwest Region:

Walking in the Footsteps of the Original Illinois Surveyors
October 2, 2009, Friday, 8am-4pm (1 sessions)
7 PDHs, $175 member registration
Petersburg, IL
Hosted by the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association
(contact 217-528-3053 for full details)

Southwest Region:

GNSS, Geodesy & Map Projections for Texas Land Surveyors
December 5, 2009, Saturday
8 CEUs, $190 members
Dallas, TX
Hosted by the Texas Society for Professional Surveyors
(contact 512-327-7871 for full details)

Western Region:

Forensics in Boundary Retracement
September 18, 2009, Friday, 8am-4pm (1 session)
7 PDUs or 0.7 CEUs, $175
Bakersfield, CA
Hosted by the California Land Surveyors Association
(contact 661-616-2600 for full details)

Other workshops of interest:

Continuing Education Cruise for Land Surveyors
February 21-27, 2010
Up to 16 CEUs...earned while cruising Key West, Grand Cayman
and Jamaica
$1,400 which includes stateroom, onboard dining and all seminars
Hosted by Land Surveyors Workshops
(contact 800-533-4387 for full details)

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