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Land Surveying Consultants

With a history dating back more than 5000 years, the land surveying profession is one of the oldest professions in the world and they are just as important in modern society as they were in the days of ancient man. In today's guide we shall look at what land surveying consultants are and where you can find one.

What are Land Surveying Consultants?

Land surveying consultants are licensed surveyors that have a strong background and experience in a range of land surveying types.

land surveying consultantsLand surveying consultants are hired by a range of industries including: law, real estate, engineering, mining, farming and more. Essentially the role of land surveying consultants is to assess, map and measure land.

However, the role of land surveying consultants becomes a lot more advanced than simple measurements and in many cases they require additional training and expertise beyond the basic land surveying qualifications.

Land surveying consultants can work either for a company or freelance. Most land surveying consultants spend a lot of time out in the field as well as in the office plotting the surveys. In some cases this work will be divided between two land surveying consultants.

Photogrammetrist land surveying consultants actually use photographic images to draw out land surveys. This is much more practical when covering large areas of land when surveying by foot would take too long.

Land surveying consultants are also used by a range of businesses who need a professionals input into the legalities surrounding property ownership. Often a business will hire a land surveying consultant for their legal knowledge and if required they will perform a land survey on properties or construction sites.  

Land Surveying Consultants and the Courts

One way in which land surveying consultants are often used are as expert witnesses in court. As part of the training to become a licensed land surveying consultant they must have a thorough understanding of local and national property laws.

Qualified land surveying consultants are regularly used in court to clarify as well as add credibility to court cases, particularly in regards to cases such as car or industrial accidents. Forensic land surveying consultants are highly in demand and require many years of experience and extensive background knowledge to qualify for this position.

A good forensic land surveying consultant must be a strong communicator as they need to be able to communicate their knowledge to the jury and judge in a way that is easy to understand.

How much do Land Surveying Consultants Cost?

The cost of land surveying consultants varies depending on a variety of factors. Typically land surveying consultants will provide you with a quote for the job you need doing by assessing how hard the task is and how long it will take.

If the job is relatively simple such as creating a boundary survey for a small residential property you can expect to pay at the lower end of the scale, however the more advanced the work is the more you will pay. For example, if you require a land surveying consultant as an expert witness in a court case you can expect to pay in the thousands for less than a day's work.

Choosing a Land Surveying Consultant

There are several factors to take into account before choosing a land surveying accountant. The first thing to always ensure is that they are licensed to work in your state. Always check their credentials as the first step.

If you have a specific time frame for the job that you need done, can they complete the job in this required time? Make sure that you ask for references from all land surveying consultants that you contact. Do they have examples of similar work they have done previously?

While price shouldn't be the most influencing factor you consider, it still needs to be taken into consideration particularly for those on a budget. Typically the cost of land surveying consultants is relatively similar in the same towns or areas, however you should always ask for a few quotes to find the most competitive price.

Never compromise quality for a lower price. Check their references and make sure you feel comfortable that they can offer you a quality service at a good price.

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