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Land Surveying Companies

Land surveying is considered to be the second oldest profession in the world, and more than ever it is an integral part of communities across the globe. In today's guide we shall look at land surveying companies - what they do and how you can use one.

What do Land Surveying Companies do?

Land surveying companies essentially measure and map the land. There are many different reasons why they might do this and can adapt their methods to suit the requirements of their clients.

land surveying companiesAlthough the basics of what land surveying companies do is very simple, the scope of what they can actually do for you is very broad and diverse.

Land surveyors are highly trained professionals that use their skills in mathematics, physics and cartography to complete their very precise work.

Anyone who is developing a property - either residential or commercial - needs to use a land surveying company as it helps to plan and organize the development by taking into account the shape of the land.

Land surveying companies are also important from a legal standpoint. Land surveying companies help to establish property ownership and define boundaries between the land owned by one person and the next.

There are different surveying laws across the USA, although most use the Public Land Survey System. The process of surveying the land can be incredibly difficult, particularly with so many different mapping systems and legal jargon that needs to be taken into account. This Is why it's essential that you use an experienced and reputable land surveying company.

What to Look for in a Land Surveying Company

Land surveying companies' services can be quite expensive, which is why you don't want to make a poor decision and get a less-than-perfect result for your money. So what should you be looking for when choosing a land surveying company?

The first thing to make sure is that the land surveying companies are reputable. Try and find personal recommendations and reviews and ask them to provide testimonials if possible. Do not choose a land surveying company off of price alone - competency is the most important thing to take into account.

Land surveying companies offer a range of different services, so you will first need to establish what services you require. Many land surveying companies are comprehensive and also include the services of attorneys, engineers, planners, architects and landscape architects if you require.

In the USA, all land surveyors must hold a valid license, which varies from state to state. Before hiring a land surveying company make sure that they hold the correct license.

Cost of Land Surveying Companies

The cost of using a land surveying company varies drastically depending on what services you require and the company that you use.

There are several factors that land surveying companies take into account when estimating a cost for the work that they do. Some of these include: type of survey, vegetation, accessibility, time of year, size and shape of property, amount of existing evidence on the property and more.

Speak to local land surveying companies to ask for an estimate for the work you need doing and from there you can compare costs. Typically, land surveying companies that are familiar with your particular area are more efficient than those from further away.

Where to Find Local Land Surveying Companies

No matter where you live you shouldn't find it hard to get into contact with land surveying companies.

The first thing to try is speaking to friends and colleagues to see if they have had any experiences with local land surveying companies as personal recommendations are always a good start.

If this does not work then turn to your Yellow Pages or local directory for listings of local land surveying companies. You can also use the internet to search local listings. Many large land surveying companies have their own websites through which you can contact them.

Always compare several land surveying companies before settling on one. Ask plenty of questions and ensure you feel comfortable with what they are offering you.


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