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Building Survey in Mining and Filled Ground

Some surveyors practise in mining areas which are either active or worked out. In mining localities it may be necessary to take specialist advice before reporting on buildings. Building surveyors library that is carrying out survey in these areas, should contains plans and maps showing known mining areas.

In some places mining goes as far as beyond Middle Ages and this is the reason why the local knowledge of the surveyor can be invaluable.

building survey In some places with chalk-mine workings the presents of the chalk may be subject to appearance of deep holes either connected with mining or due to subterranean collapse caused by groundwater erosion. Building surveyors can't predict events of underground movements with just surveying the property and therefore landslip insurance cover is highly recommended to the property owners.

Most of the properties build on the ground where unsuitable material has been used, usually suffer from movement. In the recent years that have been a significant increase in buildings defected by movement and this is caused by building on urban or industrial land. Damages of the structure of the building can be so high that on some occasion requires the demolition.

Indications of the mines or other workings on the ground in the certain areas can be usually found in and ordnance survey map of the area. These are usually source of information for surveyors as most of the time they contain information and show details that doesn't appears on modern maps.

There are many situations where cracks appears on the walls but these are taken as normal as they can be caused by shrinkages or bedding down especially with new build buildings and have nothing to do with underground movements. These cracks are sometimes wrongly diagnosed and are unrelated to ground conditions.

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